Peppas N architects

Peppas N architects is successfully operating in the architectural sector for over 15 years. With a portfolio of more than 100 projects and designs we have obtained as a natural outcome, the skills and the invaluable experience in designing and constructing private and public buildings.

Aim of the company is the construction of functional buildings that fully fulfill the needs that arise in every area not only climate wise and local architectural design but also on the level of different demands of the users. Peppas N architects has obtained a specialization in hospitality buildings, after designing or renovating a large number of hotels, and has elaborated architectural designs, among others, for the hotel groups of Grecotel, Aquila and Sensimar.

The company Peppas N architects has the ability to undertake a project from the beginning until the completion, monitoring all its stages: the pursuit of the proper financial subsidy, the design or the renovation of a robust building aesthetically and functionally, and of course all the bureaucracy at the various public departments.

Furthermore we have created a strong network of trusted partners with whose cooperation we can guarantee complete solutions for the design, construction, equipment and functionality of any kind of building.